Take your car handling skills to the extreme with a skid pan course. Only available if you're one of Linda's Learners

As soon as you have passed your test with Linda's Driving School, ask for a fantastic voucher towards a Drivers Survival Skid Control Course.


You will learn how to stay in control of a car when it goes beyond its limit using skid control skills, and techniques used by the worlds best rally drivers!!

This experience is fantastic fun, and one day it could save your life

skid pan

First there's a briefing from your instructor explaining exactly what happens when a car skids, and tips are given on how to avoid a dangerous skid situation on the road. He'll also explain how top class rally drivers avoid crashing in horrendous conditions. Most of today's cars now come with electronic driver aids like ABS and ESP, but what do they do? Your instructor will also explain how this equipment works and what it can do for you!

Skid Pan Demonstration

Your instructor will demonstrate the driving techniques needed for each activity before you are put in the hot seat!

Skid Pan

During the first session your instructor will help you master the basics of car control including understeer control, most modern road cars will understeer in the majority of situations and if you know a few basics you can soon get the hang of controlling it.

ABS Avoidance

On this session you will learn how to master the use of ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) in an emergency. We set up an avoidance exercise to demonstrate just what this system is capable of - if you know how to get the most out of it!


Back on the skidpan again. On this session you will find everything much easier and more natural. Your instructor will encourage you to let the car slide more and ever spin around! This will give you the confidence and techniques needed to bring the car back in control from some seemingly impossible situations!