Each month I choose a pupil who has shown sheer determination, and who has never given up trying to achieve a higher standard of driving.


Matty Evans from Rochdale passed 1st time woooo 

He is such a natural at driving, very focused. and confident , especially on the bend work we did. Hopefully his dad will get him the car he wants because he so 'well deserves it '

Matty will also be the 1st student to receive the gift voucher to play on the skid pan, be careful Matty lol, and don't forget, I have to have a go before you!!

Matty will be missed, he is such a great student to work with and  hope to see him on his pass plus course.






I enjoyed my lessons, they were very relaxed, and also great fun.

Linda is a very friendly instructor, and is recommended.

Tom worked really hard on his Driving Lessons, and passed on a one week course with flying colors 

Tom was an exceptional student, what a perfectionist in his driving skills. Now he can follow his dream and go into the fire service

So pleased for you Tom, can't wait to see you on your Pass Plus, good luck with everything, and watch out for those roundabouts.

Take care Linda 


Linda helped me a lot and made me feel very comfortable on my driving lessons. Linda is very professional the way she goes about her job, and definitely knows what she's talking about.

Linda is a lovely person, and is great to get on with. She goes through every aspect of your driving lessons in detail until you fully understand.

I would definitely recommend Linda to anybody wanting to take driving lessons.

Thanks Tom Buckley




Linda's Learner for April goes to Richard Tasker, who took a 1 week course. He passed with only 4 minors

To pass on such an intense course with so few minors is exceptional. Well done Richard, be careful when driving your new car Vicky

All the best Linda





I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Linda. She was very helpful throughout my whole course, and thanks to her, I passed my test first time with only four minors.

Richard Tasker




March has definitely go to go to Louise Brett . Louise passed 1st time 

To say she doubted her abilities, she managed to remain calm for her test, and I don't know who was happier Louise or me 

Louise was a joy to teach, and I can't wait to see her again in September for her Pass-Plus.

Keep up the observations at the mini's Lou, and I'll see you soon




As a person who always said they would never drive, it has been one of the most fun things I have ever done.

Linda is a great teacher, she is a brilliant laugh, and makes you always feel comfortable and at ease.

Thanks for everything Linda!


Details coming soon of Oliver Barker




February's pass of the month goes to Chris Ward. He passed with 4 yes 4 minors wow 

Chris had a brilliant drive, and his sense of humour held out through to the end, I think it was definitely being held up by the white van man at the traffic lights that topped the day 

Can't wait to see Chris again for his pass plus in May, and hope he has buried the rabbit


Linda is crazy. Linda is a brilliant instructor, really made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

I would recommend her to anyone

Cheers, Chris




Linda is a saint.She is patient and fun to have lessons with.She achieved the impossible, and will be my friend for life






November pass of the month has to go to Richard Baddeley from Oldham.

Richard choose the 1 week pass course, and passed with flying colours
Just to add to the celebrations, his girlfriend Janet gave birth to a beautiful baby girl the day before Richards test

Well done Rick, be good

1 week pass Rochdale

Thanks to the training from Linda I passed first time on a 1 week course.
I enjoyed every minute of it, and I'd definitely recommend Linda Gartside

This months winner by far is Oliver Lord of Rochdale
He passed his driving test with 6 yes 6 minors wow!
At the end of the driving test the examiner complimented Oliver on 'his pleasant, smooth drive'
Keep up the good driving Oliver, and all the best for the future


Semi intensive pass, rochdale


semi intensive pass, rochdale

Thanks to Linda I am now a fully-fledged member of the driving club!  I would recommend Linda to anyone in need of a professional, precise and caring driving instructor who will take her time to accurately understand a driver's ability and consequent weaknesses. 

Linda was always on time and helped me to relax throughout the lessons, ensuring I didn't bottle it on the big day. 

I look forward to focusing on my Pass Plus with Linda later this year