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Each lesson is carefully planned and follows a set programme with clearly defined objectives or 'targets' as we prefer to call them, where I use professional training materials and modern training methods to ensure your training is both effective and enjoyable.

Lesson Programme:

Part 1 Lessons - Basic control skills
This part will give you the basic control skills needed to drive safely. This is the starting point for most people and essential if you have no previous driving experience

 1. Getting moving
 2. Gears
 3. Steering
 4. Co-ordination
 5. The Emergency Stop

Part 2 Lessons - Road skills
This part will give you the driving skills that you will need in order to cope with modern road systems

 6. Hazard drill & Junctions
 7. Crossroads
 8. Dealing with busier junctions
 9. Roundabouts
10.Traffic signals & Pedestrian crossings


Part 3 Lessons - Traffic Skills
This part teaches you how to use your basic control and road skills to deal with a wide range of traffic conditions and situations.

 11. Hazard perception and defensive driving
 12. Dual Carriageways
 13. Town and city centre driving
 14. Progressive driving
 15. The driving test

    Set Manoeuvres

     M1. Straight line reversing
     M2. Parallel parking
     M3. Pull up on the right & reverse
     M4. Reverse parking / Bay Parking